CMS Modules


The Billing Module enables you to take control of your billing and invoicing quickly and accurately. It simplifies the complexities of billing for multiple clients by automating many time-consuming tasks, such as generating invoices, keeping track of transactions, creating statements and managing collections. It also integrates with Intuit® QuickBooks Pro®, so you can automatically capture all order information and manage your accounts externally.

The Billing Module can be used not only for commercial websites, but by anyone who keeps a list of individuals or companies to bill for products or services. Normally, keeping track of billing information, including the prices of different jobs and customers, recurring orders, and collections on overdue accounts is a confusing and time-consuming process that requires multiple tools. With the Billing Module, all of this can be kept organized. You can store customer information in the Membership Module, add jobs in Billing or through an online commerce system using the Commerce Module, and automatically manage payments in the Payments module.

The Billing module allows you to create customizable invoices that you can send out via email or print, or it can integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks or Freedom's Payments Module, which automates the payment process with online payment gateways.