CMS Modules


The Dashboard Module puts lots of useful information from other modules at your clients' fingertips, allowing them to get an overall picture of their website without needing to open each module separately. Completely customizable for each user, the Dashboard displays a list of information, such as reminders and statuses from other modules.

Many users open the Dashboard first after logging in to get an overall picture of the state of their website before giving their attention to pressing issues. The Dashboard shows information from modules such as Billing, Blogs, Commerce Forms and Membership.

The Dashboard module is highly customizable. Each user can add only the information that he/she wants to see to the Dashboard. For example, if a staff member is responsible solely for reviewing blog comments and forum posts, that user can set the Dashboard to display only whether or not there have been new comments or posts. In this example, no other information will be visible to this user on the My Dashboard tab.

The Dashboard also allows system administrators with knowledge of SQL programming to write custom queries that can display any information relevant to their website. This advanced feature makes it possible to add virtually any data to the Dashboard.