CMS Solution

The Accrisoft Freedom Content Management System for Portals, E-Commerce, and Membership Management - enables your business to create a powerful and affordable website that will help your company maximize its web success.

The advantages of our Content Management System:

  • With tools as easy to use as email, a word processor, and a Web browser, anyone from a secretary to the CEO can keep your website updated.

  • Use Accrisoft Freedom's editing tools to populate your website's pre-designed modules, and use it to add unlimited additional pages.

  • Accrisoft Freedom Content Management System frees your business from relying on outside webmasters or highly skilled technical staff members to maintain your site.

  • Accrisoft Freedom Content Management System removes the business barriers of a stagnant website - relieve yourself of operational headaches, and reduce the high costs of a technical infrastructure.

  • From a cost and ease-of-use metric, Accrisoft Freedom Content Management System is an incomparable value.

  • You pay less, yet enjoy all the benefits which make up a professional and powerful website.

  • Maintenance of the software and future updates are FREE of charge. Based on our experience these services are associated with high costs when it comes to other Content Management Systems.

With innovative Services, a high standard, and flexibility, we deliver individual, customized solutions, which will not only fulfill your expectations, but offer much more.