Why Accrisoft Freedom?

With the Accrisoft Freedom™ Content Management System, your custom-built web site can include an incredible array of site components, including press releases, newsletters, technical publications, and so much more. You decide which components you want on your site, with the peace of mind of knowing you can add new components as your needs change. Some available site components, such as weather reports and stock tracking, are updated automatically with no intervention from you, bringing site visitors up to date information with the click of a mouse.

Other components specific to your organization are in your control. You or members of your group you designate can update information in specific components, at any time, from any computer with an Internet connection. Add or modify text, change graphic pictures, even add new site pages, all with incredible ease using Accrisoft Freedom's site maintenance tool. With Accrisoft Freedom's Word-processing like menus and toolbars, you can work with your site without having to learn complicated web-site programming or HTML—Accrisoft Freedom allows you to make spontaneous updates without hassle or worry.

 Get your organization, product, and service information on the web NOW. Entice new prospects and increase the interests of existing users.

 Make it easy for people to get to the specific information they’re looking for so they go to your site first and stay there.

 Keep your web site up-to-date, even add new pages complete with graphics, logos, and more, without learning complicated programs or paying expensive web development charges.

With Accrisoft Freedom, you and other non-technical people in your organization are empowered to take control of your site to make it the most powerful marketing tool in your company’s arsenal.

 Enhance your company’s image—no matter the size of your business, your site looks clean, professional, and state-of-the-art.

 Reduce your operating costs—by allowing you to use the web to minimize the need for costly printed material and ineffective and pricey direct mailings and faxes, all without requiring you to pay dedicated web-developers or exorbitant hosting fees.

 Be in control—we hand you the keys to your site along with a simple-to-learn site maintenance tool called Accrisoft Freedom. With Accrisoft Freedom, you decide how, when, and what site updates are made, including adding new materials, deleting out-of-date information, and modifying graphical images—all with incredible ease.  

Site Components You Control.

Web sites designed with Accrisoft Freedom can include any of these updateable components, allowing you to present a polished, up-to-date, professional website to your visitors at a fraction of the cost that other website development companies may charge.